• Thank you for being so flexible and always squeezing these jobs in. The photos look great – the owner will be very happy.

    Judy Duncan - Local Agent
  • Thank you for the photos, which we are very, very happy with. You’ve done a great job especially considering the cloudy weather. Once again, thank you so much.

    Lyn MacRae - Blue Summit Cottages

Did You Know?

Premium Real Estate Photography

Lamina Photography specialises in real estate photography for residential and commercial properties, and virtual staging, copywriting & elevated photography .

By utilizing our extensive experience and professional Canon equipment along with our unique post-production editing methods, all images are finished to the highest standards.

Virtual Staging

Lamina Photography is a specialist provider in virtual staging when properties are unavoidably empty of furniture.

  • Ideal for new developments or properties that are unavoidably empty
  • Improves the overall impression and sales value of the property
  • Reduces time on the market for both sales and rental listings
  • Saves thousands $$$ in physical staging or styling by professionals
  • When properties appear furnished, clients see the potential for each room; which is sometimes difficult to gauge without furniture.
  • Create a consistent presentation for your listed properties for both digital and print presentations
  • Improve the impact of advertising billboards and consistently show properties furnished … not empty and lacklustre.
  • Turnaround provided within 48 hours
  • Use your own images or if you are based on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, then Lamina Photography can provide the images for you for a reduced fee
  • Lamina Photography always uses professionally edited images of real furniture to suit the style of the property, not computer-generated furniture, which looks ‘unreal’ and unattractive


Elevated Photography

  • With the use of elevated pole photography, a completely new perspective can be achieved for your property.
  • Ideal for a more encompassing view of the property’s exterior, acreages, high-set homes and properties with steep inclines up to the properties, thereby creating a more realistic view of the house.
  • Pole height is 4.5 meters (15’) and can easily be mounted in any location without restriction of vehicle access.



  • Our team of professional writers has more than 6 years specialist experience in the real estate market and have provided exclusive copy to many high profile agencies.
  • Our copywriting service can be utilized as a stand-alone option or an add-on to any photographic package provided.
  • By completing our Copywriting Form and supplying images, either ours or your own, we can make immediate start to your Marketing package.
  • Turnaround provided within 48 hours.
  • With a professional understanding of real estate marketing, the copy provided will meet all marketing needs for both print and digital media.
  • For agents who find copywriting too time consuming or even daunting, will appreciate our copywriters expertise to complete the task with finesse and provide impact to the overall marketing package of the property.
  • Ideal for vendors wanting to package their photography and copywriting together, allowing them the option to manage their own marketing, either privately or with selected real estate agencies.

Product Photography

  • In addition to real estate specialists we provide a product photography service to capture your products in a unique and consistent manner.
  • Promote your business online or in print media.
  • Prices are competitive.
  • Turnaround provided within 48 hours.